Frequently Asked Questions

Mount Sinai High School has two terms in an academic year:

Term 1: July 1 to January 25

Term 2: January 26 to June 30

A student may join the term at any point during the term as the individual student timetable may be different from the above terms. Mount Sinai High School offers individualized timetable for students to foster student success. Some students, especially adult students, may benefit from a flexible schedule due to work related commitments. In order to accommodate such student’s needs, the course length may be smaller or extend beyond the term length. However, each full credit course will be 110 hours in length and half credit course for 55 hours.

In order to enroll in a non-credited course at Mount Sinai, willingness to work hard and learn are the only two prerequisites for the student and adherence to our school’s policies is the only requirement for the parents. We believe there are no shortcuts to success and first principles must be followed to gain mastery of any subject.

At the time of admission, we assess our students to determine if there is a missing foundation for high school courses. We then design a customized study strategy based on key factors, such as, the student’s learning abilities and time required to graduate from high school. We use our own teaching materials and neo-classical study techniques to build the missing foundation while working towards the completion of high school courses.

Practically, you may join Mount Sinai High School at anytime, however it is strongly suggested you enroll in the beginning of each term in advance. 

Mount Sinai Education is an Ontario private school as defined in the Education Act (the Act). The school has been assigned a BSID number by the Ministry of Education and is listed as a private school on the Ministry website.

Mount Sinai is a private school listed with the Ministry of Education, however, we do NOT offer high school credits yet. We intend to become an inspected school soon. At this point, our school is ideal for students who wish to strengthen their foundation and boost their confidence for secondary and post-secondary courses offered at other accredited institutes.

Please set up an appointment by emailing or calling us in advance. Our contact information is listed in the Contact Us section of the website.

Please refer to the school’s homework policy.