About Us

Our History

In 2010, Mount Sinai Education launched its first educational venture in Ontario, Canada to give back to the community by preparing children for math contests. Having worked closely with hundreds of Canadian students over the years, Mount Sinai Education has played an active role in re-shaping the way modern analytical education is approached. We are the first specialized school listed with the Ministry of Education, Ontario and are actively collaborating with top universities & cutting edge ed-tech ventures to innovate educational solutions.

Our Vision

Mount Sinai High School is committed to the foundational principles encapsulated in the motto: Excellence and Faith. It is designed specifically to empower students with knowledge, skills and determination to become top-performers and equip them with the confidence and resources to succeed in the 21st century. The school inspires and delivers a strong message that each must play his or her part in a special, unfolding story. 

Our Mission

We Teach:

We Emphasize:

We Provide:

  • Time management
  • Work organization
  • Setting priorities
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Taking responsibility for their own studies 
  • Attainment at a high level in one’s chosen academic courses.
  • An ability to relate to others with tolerance, respect and consideration regardless of their beliefs and backgrounds.
  • Adoption of an ethical and moral set of values: understanding right from wrong, handling success and disappointment and accepting that one’s actions have consequences.
  • Individual attention – personally knowing our students, their interests, strengths and weaknesses 
  • Innovation in teaching and learning
  • Strong code of conduct for the school, students and parents to adhere to